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Ristras de Chile Para Tu Casa – Chile Strings for Your Home

Chiles have long been a staple of the New Mexican diet. Before modern refrigeration, drying the red chiles was the only way to preserve them for use after the growing season. Chile pods would be laid on the roof to sun dry, then strung together.

Today, chile ristras are both functional and decorative. Many pluck the chiles from the ristra and use them to season their food while others have them solely for their decorative qualities. If your ristra has beem lacquered to extend its life, remember that it is no longer edible.

Traditionally ristras were hung near the entrance of the home symbolizing an abundant harvest. Native Americans used ristras to ward off evil spitits. They would even attach ristras to their canoes as a talisman to prevent evil spirits in the water from overtaking them.

New Mexican chili pepper ristras make wonderful gifts. They bring life and joy to any home and remind us of rich cultural heritages.

Large New Mexico Chile Pods

Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 1 foot
Price: $ 7.50
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 2 feet
Price: $ 15.00
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 3 feet
Price: $ 22.50
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 4 feet
Price: $ 30.00
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 5 feet
Price: $ 37.50
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 6 feet
Price: $ 45.00
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 7 feet
Price: $ 52.50
Ristra, Large Pod
Length: 8 foot
Price: $ 60.00
Extra long ristras–those over 48 inches– require additional shipping fees.

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